Friday, March 6, 2009

Return of the Dry Erase Board

Hello hello again Dry Erasiphiles,

I'm sorry to everyone who enjoys the DEB that I've been away for so long. Things are tough in the land of real life. So when things are serious, turns out random thoughts don't seem to flood my head as much as the did. BUT apparently they've been accumulating and now it's time for the dam to break. My friends have been asking, "when are you going to bring DEB back?" and "why does your face do that when you...." no not that. But yes, DEB is back, and I'm hoping to keep it more regular. Also, two of my really good friends have just gotten engaged, so for you guys this is an engagement present. Also, recently another one of my friends had his cat pass away. So I did a special tribute DEB for him and his feline-friend. And to all my friends, ENJOY.

Debpic (DEB + Epic = Debpic) PS: Start from the Top and Scroll Down.

Here are few more for you guys. ENJOY


Bong Butterfly

Sandwich PSA

For Luca


ilikedginger said...

Aww, I knew I kept this in my Google Reader for a reason.

Glad you're back!

Flex-A-Chart said...

Very clever & amusing, nice work.